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Hello, and thanks for deciding to learn a little more about the services I can offer you.  I am currently working alone, however, if I am unavailable to help you plan the wedding ceremony of your dreams, then I do have a few select officiants I can refer you too.

I begin with an initial meeting with the couple.  At this meeting I sit down, get to know you (preferably in your home or somewhere where you will be most comfortable and not distracted.)  I have a few questions and examples of prior services to show you, expect this to last about an hour.  We will go over the very basics of wedding planning. 

If I am available to do the wedding, at this point we agree on the beginning stages and I write a basic outline of your personalized service.  I will then either mail, email, or somehow get you this and we will work on the finalized product.  I won’t show you the entire service, but I will go over nearly everything to make sure that it is exactly what you are looking for.

From here everything goes smoothly until the month of your wedding, at this point we begin the final preparations, rehearsals, meeting the family, all of the exciting parts leading up to your special day.  This is where all the work and planning pays off in your beautifully executed wedding!

*I am also available to perform funeral ceremonies